For Parents

CITIVUE at Railroad Square provides your student with a safe and convenient living environment, and you with peace-of-mind. It’s the lifestyle they want, in a location close to the campus, saving them time and reducing stress.

Below are answers to typical questions from parents:

If a roommate moves out, is my student liable for their rent?

No. At CITIVUE you sign an individual lease and you are responsible only for your rent. If a roommate graduates, transfers or leaves school for any reason, you have no worries and no responsibility.

Is there on-site management?

Yes. CITIVUE is managed by an experienced management company that understands the needs of students. We train the staff to be proactive and responsive to meet the comfort and safety of all residents.

Who is the developer of CITIVUE?

All of the principals have extensive real estate development experience throughout Florida. More importantly, our children have gone through college and we understand living in a safe, convenient environment is important to academic success and great college experience.